Actual: 2015 expension of the Solingen plant by addinf another 800sqm of factory space
Stock company: 2000 - the company is converted to an AG (company limited by shares)
Movement: 1987 - the company moves to new premises with 11,000 sqm of factory space
Machine Blades: In the 1970s, the company begins to focus on machine knives for European industries (food processing, packaging, plastics, textiles, fibres)
Special-purpose Blades: In the 1960s, the manufacturing programme is expanded to include special-purpose cutters and blades for industry
Productrange improvement: in the 1950s, production of specialist blades for the trades and DIY work is added to supplement razor blade manufacture
Foundation: 1923 Stahlwarenfabrik Steinbrück & Drucks is founded in Solingen, the city of blades

Production Process

Strip steel
Strip steel as a raw material
  • Strip steel as a raw material
  • Incoming goods controls: surface, edge quality, straightness, metallurgy
  • Blanking the outline conture, punching rated breakpoints and text markings
  • Process: Hardening – Quenching – Deep freezing – Tempering – Quenching
  • Continuous process monitoring of hardness and warping
  • Repeated inspections of molecular structure in metallurgy laboratory
  • If necessary, additional surface treatments after hardening (lacquer, etching, polishing)
  1. Strip grinding: straight grind along the upper edge.
  2. Hook grinding: plunge grinding for concave and convex shapes,
  3. 3-Hole grinding: Grinding of the upper and lower edges of the blades on conveyor belts
Snap-off / separating
Snap-off / separating
  • The precise notching of the rated breakpoint is decisive for the snap-off process
Molecular structure and cutting analysis
Molecular structure and cutting analysis
  • Continuous quality inspections at all production stages to prevent cumulative defects
  • Analyses of the molecular structure and cutting behaviour guarantee our high quality demands
  • Multistage packaging for optimum preservation and safty during transportation

Competitive Advantage through partnership

MOZART blades are recognisable by these features:

  • ideally tailored customer solutions for each application
  • excellent durability, high dependability
  • closest tolerances and perfect grind in large runs
  • hard coatings such as TiN, ceramic and diamond
  • optimum packaging solutions for industry and the trades


MOZART handles are recognisable by these features:

  • excellent cutting control
  • well-designed ergonomic shape ensures strainfree working
  • fast, safe blade changing


The benefits of being a MOZART partner:

  • high delivery reliability thanks to intelligent logistics
  • direct contacts to ensure smooth communication
  • flexible, lean organisational structure
  • large standard range
  • customer-specific adaptations
  • support for your product development
  • assistance with complex cutting challenges


We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers which we support through intensive cooperation and personal contact.

Optimum coating leads to decisive cost advantages
thanks to long service lives!

The optimum coating depends on the precise application of the blades. The cutting forces in the process and chemical influences are critical aspects. We will be pleased to advise you on the best possible surface treatment.


We differentiate between the following coatings for our blades

  1. Coating of the cutting edge: primarily as protection against wear such as ab rasion, chemical wear; additional improvement of the tribological characteris tics
  2. All-over coating: protection against wear and reduction of cut-off adhesion


We prefer the following coating methods

PVD (physical vapour deposition) - TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, DLC, Eternity:

Special - Teflon PTFE

Quality promise


MOZART – uncompromising premium quality


MOZART products are manufactured by means of complex production processes and are allowed to leave the company only after they have been subjected to stringent quality controls. As one of the world’s main blade manufacturers, MOZART puts its faith in the quality-conscious location Germany. State-of-the-art technology and precise manufacture guarantee the "100% made in Solingen" standard which is valued around the world. To ensure this standard is met, MOZART employs a Quality Management System which has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Materials Management

The purchasing department of MOZART AG is in charge to guarantee the long lasting high quality of all MOZART products and takes responsibility for all purchasing goods and services. In internal and external operations we aspire a quality target of zero defects.

Our suppliers are an important factor of success for our company. The cooperation with our suppliers is characterized by


  • Long lasting partnership with mutual benefit
  • Flexible and lean organizational structure
  • Direct contact to the person in charge
  • Open and honest communication
  • Collective development of products
  • Reliable payment transaction

If you like to know if your products could fit in our range, please contact us directly:

Mr. Rudolf Simon
Tel.: +49 212 / 2209 140
Fax: +49 212 / 2209 27 140
E-Mail: simon@mozart-blades.de

Mrs Heidi Schmitz
Tel.: +49 212 / 2209 135
Fax: +49 212 / 2209 27 135
E-Mail: schmitz@mozart-blades.de

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