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Dear MOZART friends and business partners,

For Mozart, 2018 was the year with the strongest sales ever in the company's history. The € 15 million turnover threshold was almost reached, which meant a tremendous effort for all involved, especially since we managed to maintain our constantly high quality level. Last but not least we strained you, our customers and sales partners, some of whom were confronted with disproportionately long delivery times. For your loyalty, your understanding and your patience in sometimes not so easy times we would like to thank you.

For 2019, our order books are still well filled, which is why we ask you to plan for significantly longer replacement times than usual. We continue to do our best to increase our production capacities and reduce delivery times to a reasonably acceptable level - but we can not promise you any miracles.

With the best wishes for a sunny spring,
Christian Klein, Sales Director - Peter Kamper, International Sales Manager



MOZART Marketing.
Precision knifes for model making and more

Mozart's precision knives and blades are a success story: sales are increasing year after year, but so far the program has been used almost exclusively in the industrial and commercial sectors, e.g. for plastics deburring and leatherworks. However, the high-quality ergonomic handles and the matching long-lasting blades are also perfect for numerous other applications, such as model making, handicraft and graphic work. Therefore, we decided to add special packaging and sales quantities for the consumer sector with its typically much smaller quantities required, in addition to the previous packaging for big demands.

First we will launch the 8F knife with thumbscrew, which has been fitted with a new protective cap. The first blade available in the new 10 pcs. safety dispenser is 512.062, which is particularly suitable for model making. Both items are offered in blister packs with Euro-standard holes. More blades are to follow.

Following the introduction of the new packaging, we have already been able to gain two European wholesalers from the model making sector as distribution partners, and we are planning to further expand our sales network.

We will be pleased to provide further information - please contact us in case you are interested!



MOZART Marketing.
After the show is before the show ... quo vadis DOMOTEX?

The year 2019 is the strongest trade fair year for MOZART for many years: A total of 6 national and international trade fairs from 4 sectors were or will be equipped with our own booths this year.

It started in January 2019 with the duo DOMOTEX Hannover and BAU Munich. Both fairs were under the MOZART motto "Precision in Action" and presented, in addition to our precision handles and blades, the entire MOZART POS concept.
The course of the trade fair clearly showed that BAU was able to further expand its leading role, while DOMOTEX has to further revise its concept in order to inspire visitors and exhibitors in the future. We are looking forward to seeing what ideas both trade fairs will be launching in the coming years.

In March we continued with the ICE Europe 2019 in Munich, a trade fair on film and foil converting. After several years of “abstinence”, we have ventured a new attempt, with a better location and new stand concept. The high-caliber trade visitors and substantive talks have confirmed our decision and we will strengthen our commitment at this fair in the future.

And this is how it continues:

14th – 17th May 2019

TECHTEXTIL Frankfurt    

Hall 3.0 / Booth G21

Exhibition Crew: 

   Mozart Contacts         05/14/2019         05/15/2019         05/16/2019         05/17/2019
   Peter Kamper                 X                 X                 X                 X
   Christian Klein                 X                 X                 X                 X

20th – 26th June 2019

ITMA Barcelona

Hall 7 / Booth C116

Exhibition Crew:

Mozart Contacts    06/20/2019    06/21/2019    06/22/2019    06/23/2019    06/24/2019    06/25/2019    06/26/2019
Christian Klein            X            X            X            X              

Peter Kamper

            X            X            X            X            X
Sebastian Schlipköter

            X            X            X
Philipp Hahn            X            X            X            X

Dennis Wittkämper

            X            X            X

New exhibition concept since January 2019
After our previous trade fair concept was a bit dated, we started the new trade fair year with a fresh, completely new stand concept. Our goal is to arouse interest through an open stand construction in bright colors and a clear brand message as well as to create a pleasant atmosphere for our existing customers. Maybe you have already experienced the new MOZART exhibition stand at DOMOTEX, BAU and ICE, if not we are pleased to welcome you at TECHTEXTIL Frankfurt, ITMA Barcelona or K Düsseldorf.

Continuous growth in fiber blades
Mozart's product range comprises a wide range of fiber blades, with a focus on staple fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber. In all three segments, sales have increased significantly in recent years, suggesting that high-quality disposable blades, such as those made by Mozart, are increasingly being used for sophisticated cutting applications.

Compared to tungsten carbide blades, Mozart's stainless steel or carbon steel disposable blades provide consistent cutting quality, since the blades are replaced at regular intervals instead of regrinding them, as is common with tungsten carbide blades, which may result in insufficiently reconditioned blades and reduced cutting performance and quality. In addition, users report health and safety risks during regrinding of carbide blades as well as complex logistics (return for regrinding, etc.).

Impeccable cutting quality is important especially for smaller production lots and fibers for high quality demands. Even brittle fibers such as glass, carbon and basalt fibers, which are often used in critical applications, benefit from a homogeneous cut.

By production exclusively in Solingen, Mozart relies on uncompromisingly high, consistently stable quality 100% made in Germany.



MOZART Marketing.
Rising high in China
Poster advertising in the field of B2B is generally rather unusual. All the more we are enthusiastic about the initiative of our Chinese sales partner WeCut: to further publicize Mozart's perfect blade solutions in the blade city of Maanshan, the path of a billboard was chosen. But what a poster! At a height of 14 meters, the subtle hint "Mozart from Germany, choose from 1,000 blades, made in Germany" is now shining forth.

What's next - advertising on skyscrapers??



New e-mail address for your orders

So far, the entire correspondence with our customers has been processed via the general e-mail addresses or

Due to the steadily increasing number of incoming emails, we would now like to give you the opportunity to send your orders to a new, separate e-mail address. We want to minimize delays in processing your orders to a minimum. The dedicated e-mail address is

All subsequent emails and other correspondence will be handled as usual via the known addresses.

We would be happy if you would use this new opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have!
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