CUT. - 01.2021 - MOZART blades partner information

Dear MOZART friends and business partners.

Solidarity, responsible action and mutual support are particularly recommended in view of current events. We follow these principles as a company and do everything we can to ensure that the health of our employees, customers and all people with whom we have contact has top priority.

That doesn't make day-to-day business easy for all of us, but we will get it over with together and look forward to the time afterwards, when we can finally meet again in person. Until then, please take care of yourself!

And now have fun with the CUT 1/2021!



Mozart precision knives in a practical test

Professional users have long appreciated the quality of Mozart precision knives and blades. Whether for deburring plastic parts, manufacturing high-quality leather goods or for precise manual work in the craft sector - in these and other applications, Mozart blades prove their superiority in terms of cutting quality and service life, and the knives feature excellent workmanship and ergonomic handling.

Not least because of this, in addition to the professionals, private and creative users have also discovered Mozart‘s precision program for themselves for some time - including artists, graphic designers and model builders. Some time ago, the practitioners of the model railway magazine "Trainini - practical magazine for Z gauge" put Mozart's precision program through its paces. The work included the precise cutting of cardboard parts of different thicknesses (hard cardboard kits):

Source photos: Trainini issue 179

The test result was more than positive for Mozart (original text in German, translation by Mozart):

“The handles allow largely fatigue-free work. The blades turned out to be precisely manufactured and ground, permanently sharp and perfectly matched to the intended use. We also praise their strength, because precise guidance and exact cutting are only possible if they do not twist under the resistance of the material to be cut.

Overall, the precision knives and blades from Mozart proved to be superior to all other products of a comparable type that we have used so far." 
Here is the link to issue 179 of Trainini:
Trainini practice magazine for Z gauge as PDF download (p. 41)

Here, too, it can be seen: as in the big, so in the small!



MOZART receives the award of world market leader

Unexpectedly, we received the news that the medium-sized company portal DIE DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFT (DDW) had recognized us as a world market leader. This honors the fact that MOZART has asserted itself with great success internationally in an environment of strong competition.

We feel honored and see the DDW award as an incentive to work even more closely with our partners on a successful, common future.



Website relaunch in the new MOZART design

We know that many of you had taken our "miniature advertising supporters" a little bit to your heart.
had taken a little bit of heart. We hope the “disappointment”is not too big now, because the new MOZART website has a new design and is now online!

Our intention was to make the menu navigation even more intuitive and at the same time to offer a clear, precise and technical design.

The new start page offers 2 possible entry points to our products:

You can either go via the application button and display all the articles that we have assigned to this application, or you can go directly to the product group if you are looking for a special blade type.

Of course, you can also use the well-known professional search, in which you can change blade parameters and thus narrow down our large range until you have found the blade you want.

The best thing to do is to visit our new website and try out the many functions, short cuts and downloads.
We hope you enjoy it!

New product catalogs available now

Our catalogs and brochures have been completely revised in terms of content and design. We are taking up our new
MOZART CI with a clear, technical presentation of our products. Of course, we also show many new products, product variants and packaging options. We hope you like the new look!

The following catalogs are available for you to download on our website:

  • MOZART general catalog
  • the trade
  • film and foil cutting
  • precision cutting
  • fiber blades

Here you find our current catalogs and brochures

Please let us know if you prefer printed copies, we will be happy to provide you with the required quantity.

It’s a crane’s job

When a small logo suddenly becomes a heavy load, you need a crane truck. With the renewal of the Mozart logo (the previous one was more than half a century old), it was now necessary to replace the company sign, which has been in use since the construction of our company building in 1986 - and was therefore a bit faded not only in terms of design, but also in color.

Just in time for the New Year, the crane had marched up to lift down the old, approximately 5-meter-long sign, and position the new one onto the roof of our office wing - with some excitement on the part of the colleagues -, from where it is now visible from afar, guiding both visitors and employees to the world's best blades ... ;-)

Mozart marketing team in midlife crisis?

The gentlemen of Mozart’s sales and marketing team probably had the feeling that they had to do something to rejuvenate themselves. Was there a midlife crisis involved? After various fashionable trends have been passed over nonchalantly over the years, the “best agers” are finally jumping on the “social media train”, which is already in full swing.

So far, Mozart's marketing has concentrated on classic B2B channels such as trade fairs, advertisements in specialist magazines, catalogs and brochures. Due to the now expanded focus on the private user segment (see article "Mozart precision knives in a practical test"), new, fresher ways of marketing and addressing customers should now be found, e.g. for model builders, hobbyists, sneaker artists and all other types of creatives. Instagram (mozartcuts) is particularly suitable for this, as it primarily addresses visually via photos, videos and animations. But Mozart has also recently kicked off on Facebook, Youtube and business platforms LinkedIn and Xing.

Stop by - or even better: follow Mozart! There is always something new and interesting to discover.

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