CUT. - 02.2021 - MOZART blades partner information

Dear business friends and partners,

I am pleased to inform you today about the precociously planned succession plan for MOZART AG in the technology division.

Dr. Wahl, who has technically led and developed our company for the last 26 years, will take his well-deserved retirement by Dec. 31, 2021.The handover in the area of technical management began on March 1, 2021 and we have found the right candidate who will take over the responsibility of Dr. Wahl.

Dr. Birk did his doctorate in the field of materials technology, worked there in the field of forming technology and subsequently gained practical experience in a well-known company. Most recently, in his previous profession, he was in charge of industrial engineering and focused on product quality, on close coordination with suppliers and customers and on driving innovations. He has now been a member of the MOZART family for almost 2 months.

From May 1st on you will be able to contact Dr. Birk under the extension -100. He will be pleased to greet you and to take care of your concerns.

Please be assured that your inquiries will be closely guided and coordinated in the handover phase till December 31, 2021, so that Dr. Wahl’s broad experience still will be of valuable support.
Dr. Wahl can still be reached through his email address, extension (-101) and his mobile phone number until he retires.

Together we will continue to work on expanding the high product quality you are used to and our range of products.

We look forward to welcoming you again in person soon and being able to introduce Dr. Birk to you personally. Until then, we wish you every success with your company and, moreover, all the best for you personally.

With best regards,
Sebastian Schlipköter



Procurement: delivery time for steel strips increases massively

You have certainly already seen the reports in which an increasingly difficult situation on the global procurement markets is reported. Regardless of whether it is for high alloy strip steel, plastic parts, screws or cardboard boxes - everywhere there is talk of a tight supply, rising procurement costs and long delivery times.

In fact, there are many reasons for this: reduced capacities in the steel plants, increased demand for cardboard boxes from online shopping and an unexpectedly strong demand from China are certainly the most frequently mentioned.

Unfortunately, this shortage does not leave us without a trace: Our buyers are busy every day to reduce the impact on Mozart to a minimum through foresighted planning and close support to our strategic suppliers. In addition, we firmly reserved or already stored steel well in advance in order to be able to reliably meet the planned needs of our customers.

Nevertheless, in the event of a broad economic recovery, and especially in the case of greater requirements, longer lead times in particular for strip steels may result. So if you think you would like to adjust or expand your procurement planning in view of these circumstances, your MOZART contact person will be happy to help you secure the blade disposition. Please feel free to talk to us!



„Big is beautiful“ – new Big Packs for staple fiber blades are now available

Good news for customers with high requirements for Mark IV and Mark V staple fiber blades: in addition to the usual packaging unit (10 boxes of 100 blades in a master box = 1,000 blades in total), the new "Big Pack" version is now also available. It contains 1,400 blades in 7 boxes of 200 blades = 40% more blades. 

Advantages for you as a customer or user: due to the 200 pcs. units, a less frequent packaging change is required when loading the cutting wheel, which also reduces the amount of empty packaging. In addition, the Big Pack is cheaper than the standard packaging due to the lower material requirements and the somewhat simpler design. 

Of course, the blades of both packaging variants are 100% made in Solingen and have the same quality as you are used to. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with further information!      



Hey winter - stay a while!

Our colleagues from the hardening department had a good laugh: despite the freezing temperatures outside, they were able to work in a relaxed atmosphere in their T-shirts in the winter months. This is made possible by the waste heat from our hardening ovens, which - over a length of 10 meters or more with temperatures of up to 900 ° C - give the steel of our blades the right structure and thus the necessary hardness - and incidentally heat up the ambient temperature in the workshop to a tropical 28 ° C. 

So that no envy arises: as pleasant as the temperatures are in winter, the hall boils in the hot summer months ...

Always up to date.

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